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  • Born in 1969 in Poznan, Poland
  • Graduated from the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznan (University of Arts In Poznan), diploma 1995r.
  • Education activity – senior lecturer in University of Arts in Poznan, faculty of Sculpture and Space Activities
  • Areas of artistic Activity: textile art, painting, illustration, photography
  • Artworks in museums and private collections
  • Major prizes and awards:

Honorary mention at second National Biennal of Taxtile Art Sopot

Prize of the Mayor of the City of Sopot on the 2 nd National Biennal

The Best Debut Prize on 13 th international Triennal of Tapestry Lodz 2010

The Best Textile Prize on National Triennal Lodz

I have been working in the field of textile art since 1993, when I was studying at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznan. My previous experience in painting was then enriched by a wide variety of means of expression and practical skills in the field of textile art in broad sense. My initial two – dimensional projects soon gained a spatial character of a three – dimensional „soft sculpture”.

My artistic works are made in two directions. First of all, my textiles are traditional tapestries. However, every time are connected with space and environment.

Second direction is experimental way – using untypical, for a traditional tapestry, materials such as:  plasticine,  plaster,  steel plates, steel wires and rusty elements. In this direction most important is creation of real objects based on illusion, like in the works “The Lake” and “The Gardens”

Photo files

  1.  “Anatomy of space” object 400 x 260 x 260 cm
  2.  “Apatura ilia” object 320 x 300 x 200 cm
  3.  “Glass” tapestry 320 x 210cm
  4.  “Steel” tapestry, detail
  5.  “The Lake” object 200 x 100cm
  6.  “The Gardens” textile miniature
  7.  Individual exhibition “Monuments of Nomads”
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