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February 2017 – JENNY HANSEN

The Docks II – 2013. H: 200 W: 195

February 2017 – JENNY HANSEN: In recent years my tapestries have increasingly been inspired by forms and colours found in nature. Starting from a photograph, I work up the composition on a computer, also adding colours. Now and then I combine the photographs with my own paintings. One element featuring in many of my tapestries is that of a thin contour woven around a single tread. This is my own technique, which I developed over a decade ago.

For many years now I have worked exclusively with English worsted yarn on cotton warp. I have the worsted yarn specially spun in two thicknesses, which I combine as required. Dye all the yarn myself, using Lanasyn colours – this gives the best fastness. Over the years I have mixed a large number of colour samples, probably 1000 or so, from which I can choose the relevant shades for a given tapestry. New colours are added all the time, because sometimes I want to use a colour that is just a shade lighter or darker. Then I have to make more test samples. I always use a combination of coloured yarns in the weaving process, making for a vivid play of nuances on the surface of the piece. I work with a very delicate and fine quality of weave – and it can therefore take up to a year to weave a large tapestry.

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