European Tapestry Forum was founded in 2001. Created by a group of tapestry weavers from across Europe, it seeks to encourage the continuing development of woven tapestry as a viable artistic medium in Europe.


European Tapestry Forum is an organisation of professional tapestry weavers which seeks to raise the profile of tapestry as an art form – and to provide a platform for tapestry artists. ETF wants to bring tapestry weavers together for collaboration and cooperation; exchange of ideas; learning and training.

With its regular juried ARTAPESTRY exhibitions, ETF provides a showcase for work by contemporary tapestry artists, and an opportunity for their works to be exposed to a larger European audience.

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ETF just celebrated its 16th anniversary in January 2016.

At the turn of the century, a group of forward-thinking Danish tapestry artists organised a seminar and workshop, Back to Basics’. Some 20 artists from ten countries across Europe attended; from Denmark and Scandinavia to the UK, the Czech Republic and Poland.

The discussions were those familiar to anyone involved in the tapestry and textile art fields:

  • How to raise the status and visibility of tapestry as an art form in the visual arts and the wider world;
  • How to encourage new generations of artists to choose tapestry as their mode of expression;
  • How to stimulate critical writing and thought about the medium.

The organisation ETF developed around a core of tapestry artists who attended that original meeting. In 2001, the Steering Committee was formed.


Our goal is to improve the visibility of woven tapestry as an art form in Europe. We want to show the interested general public, the museum world, and the art critics that tapestry exists as a current, contemporary fine art discipline.


The opening of Artapestry4 – Rovaniemi 2015


  • To be a network for coordinated action, sharing of experience and training between tapestry weavers in Europe.
  • to support and contribute to an ongoing development end renewal of tapestry weaving in Europe.
  • to assist in the development of professional national organisations for tapestry weavers to secure the visibility of the weavers and their work.